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Bus Routes

Mumbai to Pune
Mumbai to Latur
Mumbai to Barshi
Mumbai to Yedshi
Mumbai to Murud (Latur)
Mumbai to Dhoki
Pune to Aurangabad
Pune to Latur
Pune to Barshi
Pune to Solapur
Pune to Tuljapur
Pune to Osmanabad
Pune to Yedshi
Pune to Murud (Latur)
Pune to Dhoki
Pune to Udgir
Pune to Ausa
Aurangabad to Pune
Aurangabad to Latur
Ahmednagar to Latur
Ahmednagar to Osmanabad
Ahmednagar to Kaij
Ahmednagar to Yedshi
Ahmednagar to Murud (Latur)
Ahmednagar to Dhoki
Ahmednagar to Yermala
Ahmednagar to Bhoom
Shirdi to Latur
Shirdi to Osmanabad
Shirdi to Kaij
Shirdi to Yedshi
Shirdi to Murud (Latur)
Shirdi to Dhoki
Shirdi to Yermala
Shirdi to Bhoom
Nashik to Ahmednagar
Nashik to Shirdi
Nashik to Sinnar
Nashik to Latur
Nashik to Osmanabad
Nashik to Kaij
Nashik to Yedshi
Nashik to Murud (Latur)
Nashik to Dhoki
Nashik to Yermala
Nashik to Bhoom
Sinnar to Ahmednagar
Sinnar to Shirdi
Sinnar to Latur
Sinnar to Osmanabad
Sinnar to Kaij
Sinnar to Yedshi
Sinnar to Murud (Latur)
Sinnar to Dhoki
Sinnar to Yermala
Sinnar to Bhoom
Latur to Mumbai
Latur to Pune
Latur to Aurangabad
Latur to Ahmednagar
Latur to Shirdi
Latur to Nashik
Latur to Sinnar
Ambejogai to Aurangabad
Solapur to Pune
Tuljapur to Pune
Osmanabad to Mumbai
Osmanabad to Pune
Osmanabad to Ahmednagar
Osmanabad to Shirdi
Osmanabad to Nashik
Osmanabad to Sinnar
Osmanabad to Bhoom
Kaij to Ahmednagar
Kaij to Shirdi
Kaij to Nashik
Kaij to Sinnar
Yedshi to Ahmednagar
Yedshi to Shirdi
Yedshi to Nashik
Yedshi to Sinnar
Murud (Latur) to Mumbai
Murud (Latur) to Ahmednagar
Murud (Latur) to Shirdi
Murud (Latur) to Nashik
Murud (Latur) to Sinnar
Dhoki to Mumbai
Dhoki to Ahmednagar
Dhoki to Shirdi
Dhoki to Nashik
Dhoki to Sinnar
Udgir to Pune
Ausa to Pune
Yermala to Ahmednagar
Yermala to Shirdi
Yermala to Nashik
Yermala to Sinnar
Bhoom to Ahmednagar
Bhoom to Shirdi
Bhoom to Nashik
Bhoom to Sinnar